MUST DO Pregnancy Vlogs for Your YouTube Channel To-Do List

Expecting? Congrats. This is an exciting time. Even more so if you’re a YouTuber. Video ideas abound when you’re pregnant. Sharing your 9 month journey is special not only because of the guaranteed views on your announcement video, but because you’ll be documenting one of the most special times of your life. Here are some of the MUST DO pregnancy vlogs¬†for your YouTube Channel to-do list.

pregnancy vlogs

What type of pregnancy videos do you like to watch?

That’s always a good question to start with. Chances are, if you like to watch them, others will to.

There are several videos that are standard. Most established YouTube Moms have at least one playlist containing these videos.

Must Do Pregnancy Video Topics

1. Pregnancy Announcement

This is the BIG one. Start your pregnancy series with none other than the announcement. Tell your subscribers that your pregnant. They’ll want to know how far along you are. How you found out. If this was a surprise or planned.

You can be creative with your announcement if you like.

2. Pregnancy Test

Sort of in reverse order, but if you filmed yourself taking a pregnancy test, share it. There’s nothing more exciting than the second you find our you’re pregnant.

3. What’s in my hospital bag?

Obviously this will be towards the end of your journey. However this video is just as big as your announcement video. Your subscribers want to know what you’re packing. Bag contents are exciting for us women. We want to see what’s in yours, compared to what might (or is) in our labor & delivery bags.

4. Weekly or Monthly Pregnancy Updates

After your doctor appointments, we want updates. Heck, we want updates constantly. How are you feeling? Do you feel any kicking. Document this time period with pregnancy vlogs by sitting down and telling the camera how pregnancy feels to YOU. Everyone is unique and your personal experience is one of a kind.

5. Gender Reveal

Boy or Girl? If you know, your subscribers want to know. Film your gender reveal party, being sure to capture that pink or blue slice of cake. This is another opportunity to get creative. Release colored balloons, or do something like the mom below.

6. Name Reveal

This video is a BIG one for views. If you are willing to share, we ALL want to know (and weigh in) on your name selection. Be prepared to stand by your name if you choose to publicize it.

7. Nursery Tour

After your baby’s room is decorated, give your viewers a tour. Closet, changing station, crib, rocker etc.

8. Labor & Delivery Story

Okay, technically you are no longer pregnant. But this video is important. After your subscribers have spent months eagerly awaiting the birth of your baby with you, they want to hear your birth story.

I hope that this has helped get you started on your path to a full pregnancy playlist of pregnancy vlogs for your channel. There are many other videos you can film while pregnant. For more ideas, join us on FaceBook.