Halloween 2016

YTMM 043: Halloween Costumes in Cold Weather

It’s the annual Halloween Hangout. This year we’re discussing how to dress your kids warm, but still in costume, in cold weather. Plus, which restrictions we give when it comes to costume selection. From Harley Quinn to Trump and Clinton masks, we dish on the top trending costumes in 2016 and more!

Halloween costumes

In this podcast episode Dana and Amy are joined by Cindy, Mrs Joyful Jones. She’s a stay at home mom of two and a military wife. She focuses on sarcastically comedic videos on her channel, and has been a part of the YouTube Mom community for three years.

Cindy was a guest with us two years ago to chat about Black Friday Tips and Tricks.


In this episode we answered the following questions from YTMM community members.

  1. Do you put a restriction on what your kids can wear? — Britney Sharing Our Life
  2. How do you deal with cold weather and rain with costumes? — Mackenzie
  3. When do you carve your pumpkins? — Cinella, Don’t Say Hurry
  4. Do you go trick or treating? Door to door, festivals or trick or trunks? — Cinella
  5. Do you dress up with your kids when you go trick-or-treating, ect? What are some of your favorite mommy costumes? — CO Mom
  6. Do you check your kids candy before letting them dig in? — Beans and Monkeys

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