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BLOGMA 002: How to Build an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a tool to help you plan out and organize your posting schedule. Be it your blog posts, YouTube videos, tweets, FaceBook page posts or collaborations. Get organized and get on schedule with an editorial calendar just for YOU. Here’s how to get started.

editorial calendar

You can make your editorial calendar as complicated or easy as you like. It can even be on a yellow pad if you desire. Dana prefers an excel spreadsheet, and Krystal is a Google Docs kind of girl.

In this episode we take questions from the Blogging Mommy Meetup community.


1. My questions are paper planning or digital planning, is one better than the other? Digital planning options, which are good and why. — LaTonya

2. How far in advance do you personally like to have planned out? How far in advance do you do your posts? — Becca

Plus we discuss our personal editorial calendars and how we set them up and more!

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