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Top 10 Cameras for YouTube : Poll 100 YouTubers

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“What camera do you recommend?”, or some variation of that, was posted 31 times IN ONE MONTH by YouTube Mommy Meetup community members. We took a poll amongst 100 YouTube Moms and here are the cameras they are using to vlog or film with for their YouTube channels.

Best YouTube Cameras

Before we begin the list, let’s discuss your channel style.

Daily Vlogger

If you’re predominantly filming on the go, you may desire a lightweight camera that is compact and easy to toss into your purse.

It’s important to point out however, that the larger DSLR cameras can also be used on the go. YouTube sensation Casey Neistat uses a Canon 70D with a large gorilla pod attachment as his main camera as be moves around New York City.

You may need to beef up your arm muscles for that setup, but his videos are of the highest quality.

Sit Down Videos

If you mostly sit in front of your camera, then the higher quality DSLR camera is going to give you the best picture quality without a doubt.

Keep your channel style in mind when purchasing a camera.

Most Used Cameras in Order of Popularity

  1. iPhone
  2. G7x
  3. Canon Powershot Elph 350 HS
  4. Canon Rebel T3i
  5. Canon Rebel T5i
  6. Canon Powershot S120
  7. Android Phone
  8. Samsung Smart Camera WB350F
  9. Canon 70D
  10. Nikon D5100

42% are using either an iPhone or the G7x.

Camera Poll

As you can see there is a wide variety of cameras being filmed with. The top 10 cameras span the gap between inexpensive to expensive. The Canon 70D will cost you in the thousands, whereas most people today have a cell phone.

This proves that you don’t need much to start filming for your YouTube channel. The hardest part is often starting. Most of us have our smart phones within arms reach at all times.

Start filming!