how to write blog post titles

BLOGMA 003: Creating Catchy Blog Post Titles

Blog Post Titles, SEO and Trending Topics. Dana and Krystal are talking in episode 3 of the Blogging Mommy Meetup Podcast all about crafting the perfect titles for your blog posts. How long should they be? They also discuss how to change a blog title. Which plugin will help you generate one? Plus their favorite SEO plugin and how to keep on top of trending topics.

How to create blog post tiles

After you’ve identified your “working title”, which gives you direction on the specifics of what your blog post is all about, it’s time to craft your blog post title. This isn’t always a simple task. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Your title makes the difference on if a person clicks or doesn’t click. Is your blog post something they want to spend time on – or not?


In this episode of the Blogging Mommy Meetup Podcast, we answer these BLOGMA community questions about how to write blog post titles, and stay on top of trending topics:

1. Blog post titles are hard for me to come up with. Is a shorter title better than a long one? How do you hook em in with just your title alone? — Trei, MommieVentures 

2. How do you balance a clickable title, but not creating click bait (which we all hate)?
What are your favorite plugins to help with SEO? — Becca, Love Our Crazy Life

3. What is the best time to post topics for upcoming Holidays. Like when to start posting Christmas content, etc.  — Becca

4. How do you stay ahead of the trending topics? I am usually behind the curve and miss out on being able to make the posts relevant. — Rebeka, Homemade Momy