BLOGMA 001: How to Find and Plan Blog Post Content, for YouTubers

If you’re starting a blog, coming up with ideas can be tough. In this first episode of the Blogging Mommy Meetup Podcast we discuss ideas on how to find and plan blog post content, for YouTubers.


Dana Ryan and Krystal Chiarolla from Brought To You By Mom will be chatting once a month about blogging. What better place to start than to discuss what to write about.


What to write about?

It can be daunting. Even if you have ideas, the simple task of getting started can sometimes give you writers block. The hardest part of anything new — is getting started. Finding that rhythm and forward momentum takes time.

Blogging Mommy Meetup Community Questions Discussed in this episode.

  1. How do you stay consistent as well as come up with things to write about?
    — Dawn: Life as a mom & military wife.
  2. Having blog posts that coordinate with your YouTube videos: When is it the most helpful to both media? When is it hurtful?
    — Sarah, Finding My Mommy Way
  3. How do you keep your content fresh, while meeting readers expectations of your content without becoming repetitive?
    — Megan, Living Beautifully

Get Blog Post Ideas From Your Existing YouTube Videos

If you have an existing library of YouTube videos, you have a working list of topics for your blog. Even if those videos are several years old.

Sort your videos by most viewed. Watch (and listen!) to what you say in your video and type it out as your listen. Then go back to edit, add to, and refine what you’ve written.

Snag images out of your video to use within your blog post.

At the end of your blog post, embed your video for readers to watch. This is a fantastic way to revive old videos, and to improve or add to a past topic that worked for you, but in a new way that appeals to a different audience.

Reach a Broader Audience

Building a blog, in addition to your YouTube Channel, helps your brand reach more people. No matter how amazing you and your message are, it doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it. By blogging you have an enhanced ability to share your content on Pinterest, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Within blog posts you can add multiple images and edit your post to add greater detail or information as time goes on and things change.

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