Holiday Shopping

YTMM 044: Black Friday & Holiday Shopping

If you dread or look forward to it – it’s time to shop for the holidays. Christmas is less than two months away. Will you be shopping on Black Friday? In this episode of the YouTube Mommy Meetup Podcast we’re chatting about our shopping plans. 

Back Friday 2016

In this episode in addition to answering the below questions from the YTMM Community we discussed our holiday shopping game plan.


  1. What are your favorite stores to hit? — MrsJoyfulJones
  2. Do you buy online or in stores or both? — Nina
  3. Do you usually take your children with you when going Black Friday shopping? If so, how do you go about it? — FunCookingMore
  4. Have you ever had a confrontation with some one over a particular item? — Savvy Serena
  5. Do you stock up on things you need for next seasons or buy stuff you need now? — Thecampbellfam 
  6. Do you camp out and try to be the first ones in, or wait until the most of the crowd has dispersed and settle for what’s left? — Thecampbellfam
  7. How to you feel about the Thanksgiving Evening sales? — MrsJoyfulJones

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