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YTMM 042: Back to School Traditions, Challenges and Prep

School is back in session. Some are more than happy to see the return of school, and some aren’t. Either way, it’s here. Season four of the YouTube Mommy Meetup Podcast returns with a Back to School hangout.

back to school

In this episode Dana and Amy are joined by YTMM member, and two time Collab Camp attendee, Sarah from Finding My Mommy Way on YouTube.

All together the three of us have seven school aged children this year. We ask YTMM members what they’d like us to discuss. These are the questions we tackled.


YTMM Member Questions Discussed in this episode:

1. What are your best “time savers” to make school mornings stress free?

2. Do you AND your husband go to back to school night? Or just one of you. What’s it like?

3. I need lunch ideas! I have a picky eater who can’t have nuts or dairy.

4. Any back to school traditions? Things you do each year?

5. Homework, like it or hate it? When? – right after school or after dinner? How much does a parent help?

6. What is your favorite thing about the kids going back to school? My kids cost me more during the summer because they eat me out of the house, so I’m all for having them back in school. So that’s my favorite thing.

7. As soon as the kids are at school and your driving back home or to work,what’s the one thing you have to do? For me seeing my son started K and my 2 yr old daughter is in daycare, I bought the biggest ice-cream to celebrate because I didn’t have to share it or clean it up from one of the kids spilling. -Orly C

8. Do your kids have homework every night? If so, what does that schedule look like when they get home? – Tired Mommy Tales

9. Any tips for helping young kiddos transition to preschool and being in a school setting for the first time?

10. When do you start school up in your district? – Lifeandbeautywithdawn

11. How long does it take to get your kids ready in the morning? How early do they have to get up, and how do you adjust them to the new schedule? -itsabbyandbaby

12. Best tips for getting the kids into a routine after summer break? -BeingSuttle

13. How do you handle a child who is upset about going back to school?

14. What time does the school day start and end for your kids? Bus comes at 7:30 and drops off at 2:30 for my first grader. – victoriapottle

15. How do you prioritize school work and housework with your kids? What do you find to be the most helpful? – Parenting Plus

16. How do you handle your child’s shortcomings (doesn’t perform well educationally or maybe misses assignments/doesn’t participate in class etc.. – Patricia Keele

17. Did you send your kids to preschool?