The Bean


YTMM15Want to meetup?! We are a community of Moms (and Dads!) who are passionate about family, and social media.

The YouTube Mommy Meetup private FaceBook group, YouTube Channel, Conference and Podcast were created by Dana (MsDanaRyan) to enable Family Channels to connect, collaborate and meet.

We share tips, organize monthly collabs, and support each other in reaching our online goals.

Every summer we travel to a new city to host a one day event, called Collab Camp, for YouTubers who post family friendly video content. It’s an exclusive networking event that is limited to 30-50 attendees. Our structure mimics a speed dating event (with filming stations).

There are no speakers at our event. Our emphasis is on interaction, and collaborative video matchups between creators of a similar audience.

Join us this summer at Collab Camp!